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Exclusive Test Evaluation 

Our comprehensive trest programs are geared for both male and female athletes of all ages and levels. All testing combines are overseen by our sports specific coaching Specialists.

Speed Test

We can measure your speed in a multiples of 10 yards up to 40 yards using our laser state of the art timing system


Strength Test

  • Must touch chest and lock out on every repetition for as many as possible

  • Age and bodyweight percentage

  • Age: 15 and under- 60% of body weight

  • Age: 16-17- 80% of body weight

  • Age: 18 and over- 100% of body weight


Agility Test

We use our laser timing system to test an athletes change of direction and quickness. Pro Agility and L-Drill test 


Power Test

We use the Brower Vertec digital laser to test the vertical jump and we use the standing broad jump to evaluation power and explosiveness.

Let's Work Together

We will host a sports specific athletic combine for your club or school team or individuals.

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